DietController Examine App

Très flexible

Permets de bien de suivre notre évolution mais il est vrai qu’une bonne partie de la liste d’aliments est from U.S.A. On peut quand même ajouter les produits que l’on consomme et entrer soi-même les données nutritives, c’est effectivement plus long mais beaucoup plus sur mesure. Il ne faut pas essayer de tout faire tout d’un coup, mais plutôt au fur et à mesure et ça nous fait lire les étiquettes des produits que l’on consomme, on est parfois étonné! De plus, on retrouve des équivalents dans la liste et une patate, canadienne ou américaine, ça reste une patate...

it works

I tried a number of apps both on the computer and the iPad. True, mostly free. This I paid for and got my money’s worth. I found it user friendly from the start. I can enter what I want and can edit at will. I eat the same things frequently, but in differing amounts. Other apps couldn’t stand that. With this, it is easy to enter any amount of food. You can change the calorie count if you want. You can just put calories in if you had a meal you didn’t keep good track of. Anyway, it is flexibile and easy to use (for me anyway). I had been keeping a file on my own for this information but this does it all for me, exactly what I was doing in my file, but a heck of a lot easier. S

This App Could be Good but Isn’t Right Now

The app is not at all intuitive. It’s not particularly easy to use and the explanations given in ‘help’ are of little use. I supposed after a number of negative comments the developers of this app might try using it and discover the difficulties purchasers may have. The price isn’t high but I would discourage anyone from purchasing it until improvements are completed to make the application easier to use.

Great app. What I need to customize, I can.

Very full featured app. It does a good job of making all the features I really need available. I’m able to easily program customizable portion sizes. What I like the most is how easy it is to add pre-loaded meal plans to the daily foot log. Double click and you’re done. The reports and daily summaries are intuitive and easy to follow. I only wish there was a companion iPhone app.

Zero Customer Support - Useless for “multiple” users

You need to be a tech-head to use this. And if you are, don’t waste your money on this. Use Excel (or “Numbers”) to chart your diet. It’s database is big, but not really useful unless you’re eating mostly packaged prepared foods — which you shouldn’t any way if your goal is to manage your diet. I paid for a copy. My wife paid for a copy for her computer. The 2 computers cannot share data — I emailed support at at mulberrysoft and got zilch response. The “support” input form on their website is broken. Looks like this company is doing nothing for anybody but taking in money as of 2018. Buyer beware.

Terrible Food Database

I like the layout, but it’s unusable because the food database is so limited. I tried using it, but having to enter all the info for everything I eat is just too time consuming.

Wouldn’t even open

I am diabetic and was looking for an app that would count carbs for me. This looked good for the price. Bought it and it won’t even open. Im running it on macOS Sierra. What a waste.

Worth $5, but time-consuming and non-intuitive

This is my second attempt to use DietController. I found the learning curve rather steep the first time, but did better the second. As many reviewers have pointed out, entering everything requires a significant amount of time––but it is hard to see how this could be avoided. Most nutrition labels have a “calories from fat” line, but DietController does not. It isn’t clear how to relate saturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, and monosaturated fat to trans fat (which isn’t listed either). There should be clearer instructions about how to convert portions to grams, ounces, fluid ounces, etc. It isn’t clear why one can enter “198 g = 1 serving,” but not “1 serving = 198 g.” Yes, worth five dollars, but time-consuming and non-intuitive.

Works Great But Needs Updated for Mac OS Sierra

I have used the current version of DietController with great success and the reports have proven helpful when I visit my VA nutritionist. However, after I upgraded my MacBook Pro to the Sierra OS, the application intermittently fails to open, and also the print function for the Reports section no longer works. The developer needs to either update their up to make it compatible with the newest OS or change the notation relative to what level below Sierra it actually works as designed.

Nice App

This is an easy-to-use app for tracking food intake, exercise, and several health/fitness factors including weight. Pros: —Intuitive. —Highly customizable. —Resides on the Mac; no Internet connection is needed. Internet is not even an option; there is no sharing of your information. —Ability to export your data to .CSV format. —Includes very clear, useful charts and reports. —Supports multiple users. Cons: —As other reviewers have pointed out, there are some inaccuracies in the food database. But you have the ability to edit the database and to add your own foods, so you can easily overcome the inaccuracies by investing some time. —The included Help covers the various views and dialogs but fails to even mention the options that are available via right-clicking and keyboard shortcuts. (E.g., You can manually flag a particular food or exercise as a favorite without having to wait for the app’s built-in system of identifying favorites after a given number of occurences.) Bottom Line: Nice, very useful app that is well worth the price.

Just terrible.

Very dated. It reminds me of a very early era PC program. Not intuitive. Graphically confusing.

Good app, food database inaccurate

It’s great for tracking meals, I like the lay-out and find it easy to use. My one quibble is the food database. I’ve found some wildly inaccurate nutritional data in there. If something looks fishy, it probably is. It’s easy enough to create a new item with the correct nutritional information, so this isn’t a big problem. I’d recommend it for the price.

Great App!!! Great Buy!!!

Both me and my husband use this since you can have more than 1 user, we both love it. Very easy to use, no calculating on your part, just enter the food off of the label (There are some prelisted food, but some you do have to add yourself). This is the best money I have ever spent on an app. If you are looking for an app to help you along on your diet, this one is definately it.

Really Great NON-DATA-MINING Software Program

For those educated consumers among us that are extremely knowledgable about the priavcy-invasion involved with those so-called "free" diet apps on cell phones--which are selling your weight, height, diet habits (and what ever else you are "sharing" with them) with companies that then sell it to God Knows Who--this program is just what the doctor called for. Yes, you can only use it on your desktop computer, but that's right where you can keep your data PRIVATE. Don't trade convenience for privacy. This program has everything you need to track your own data. And NOTHING for anyone else to do it, either. The only drawback is that it appears that the author isn't updating it. Too bad. There is still a market out there for intelligent software. Too bad Apple doesn't see that.

Not very good to begin with

After just a week I have began to use this mostly manually. Crazy how many foods this app doesn’t have in its memory and I’m tired of adding them. I mean what kind of calorie counter doesn’t have the almond milks count ? Plus day 4 just disappeared and I lost the calorie count for that day.

Very Disappointed

There maybe some aspects that people like but for a $ app it should have an extensive list of preloaded foods. Programs I used 10 years ago had more information. I don’t eat a lot of frozen or chain food but most programs have lists - Starbucks, Amy’s etc. but this had none if you feel like making tons of entries this is for you.


I think this program is excellent! It’s so flexible, I can record my own special foods not listed & it calculates all the nutrients. You can put in a fraction of that food created, and it calculates that portion. The Calorie balance section of charting doesn’t make much sense. It’s so fast, it’s learning what I use often and fills that item in.

Wish I read it first

Reviews sounded great until I spent 5 bucks, downloaded and see it can not go on the iphone. What are you supposed to do - write down all the information and enter into the computer when your at home and have nothing better to do? Waste

Very Motivating

This app is enjoyable to use, and easy to customize. The charts and graphs are extremely motivating. It tracks not only your calories and nutrients, but also your exercise and calorie balance. I’ve been using it for a month, and it has become part of my routine. $5 well spent.

Invaluable if you want to take charge of your health

I train in martial arts and am very strict with diet in order to keep healthy and build strength and endurance in various workouts. This program has been critical in tracking and understanding health problems related to diet and getting information to my doctor for yearly checkups. It is highly customizable and has never crashed. I have been using it since 2012 almost daily (I just upgraded to 2.0). My only criticism is there are no fields for Vitamin K and the Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats. These are very important parts of a modern diet. It should be easy to chart them as with monounsaturated fats, zinc, etc. They are also in the USDA database which DietController uses. I've never gotten a response to them about these important fields. Hopefully they are working on it. If they had these fields, it would get a full five stars.

The Best Calorie Counter and Exercise

In the past I have used Fit Day, which I thought was good program for tracking your weight and calories consumed. This one is better.

Not Well Suited to Ketogenic Diet

I am new to food logging and maybe I don’t know how to do it yet, but I don’t know why I can’t find a strip of bacon or sausage patty among the choice in the database. The writers of this app assume that nobody on a diet would ever eat something with fat in it. For the Ketogenic diet, I want to eat 80% fat. I am not eating fake bacon bits and turkey sausage.

Deserves 10 STARS!!

Best App I have ever purchased! This one has it all if your on a real serious diet or a weight lifter. I find it simple to track my calories, protein, carbs and fats. The fact I can put my specific brand of protien drink and how I choose to mix or make it on the daily tally is the best thing ever!! That, and keeping track of calories burned during works outs keeps me pumped to maintain consistency. The graphs help push me to maintain or smash goals. This app is worth so much more than 5 bucks if you have been hashing out your daily meal plans on paper. It’s also super easy to just play with a days diet plan and delete it if you think you want to change things up for a day. Thank you so much for making the number crunching, which I hate more than leg day, easy!! I can’t even think of anything to make it better. WELL DONE DEVELOPER!! WELL DONE!!!

Works well enough...

Certainly worth the money, this app does a great job! I just wish it allowed you to enter your bodyweight daily on the page where you enter your foods. In fact, other than on the measurment page, which is a broad overlook of your body, I can’t find an easy place to enter bodyweight. It would be nice to have a chart of that, too. Maybe I am missing something? Mostly, the program is intuitive, but you can get yourself into something that you can’t close… I just exit the program and re-enter. It seems to keep your data. All in all… I would do it again. Look VERY forward to obvious improvements it needs.

Pretty darn good!

This application does what I want it to do — record my weight and track what I eat. It is VERY easy to edit foods that are already in the database (I like to shorten the names of the foods I use.) It’s encouraging to see when I’m doing the right things, nutrition wise. I would only change one thing — I wish it would open to the current date rather than the last date I used it.

Very helpful app

For $5.00 this is the best money I’ve spent in a long time. I was trying to keep track of everything I ate with just a hand written journal, a couple of calorie counting books and a calculator. This app has saved me a lot of time. I do like using it a lot. Like some of the other reviews I would like to have it on my phone as well or at least be able to input from the phone what I eat when I eat it, but this is ok for now. I’ve been using it for a month and have gotten over the first big hump in my Atkins diet plan. I was having problems during the third month of my diet and could only loose about 2 pounds during that month. Since I’ve been using this app during the last month (the forth month of my diet) I have been able to sustain an average of just over 1.5 lbs weight loss every week. Yes I have taken control of my diet with the DietController. I am still learning to use the program as currently I have yet to figure out how to use the goals portion and I am wondering if there is a way to modify them once I reach my goal weight as I believe this app can be a valuable tool to maintain a healthy weight once I loose the excess body fat. I highly recommend this app and am very happy with this purchase.

Very good, but needs some enhancements

One thing sadly lacking is being able to read the journal entry as a single text file, with dated entries. Instead, you have to click through, day by day—that’s unacceptably lame. OTOH, the chart functions are terrific, and charts can be exported as .PNG files. The calendar view is very nice, and the weekly averages are invaluable. The ability to select with nutrients/micronutrients are included is extremely useful. However, it would be good if this view could be scrolled instead of jumping from month to month—e.g., you cannot look at a 4-week period that overlaps two months: you have to shift back and forth between the individual months. On the whole, I have found the program to be extremely useful. I just hope that fix the minor flaws.

Just what I needed

I love this program! I just wish they had a mobile version to go right along with it, but that's not the end of the world. I run it on a 2009 Macbook Pro with an outdated OS and I've had zero issues with it freezing or force quitting. I love that you can add your own custom serving sizes and units and that it keeps track of all the body measurements you could possibly want. I love having my own personal food database so I don't have to waste all that time searching through an online database for info that isn't even correct/up to date for quite a few things. I don't buy apps often but this one was worth it!

I love this App

I’ve been using this app for years now and it not only helped me to lose 70 pounds but it has enabled me to keep it off for 5 years now. It tracks everything you need it to track easily and accurately and is a phenomenal tool if weight loss and a healthy lifestyle are your goals. Love it!!!

Love it

Once you start adding your own food, it really helps speed things up. I’ve used a lot of the online trackers and I find this local one to be much faster/smoother. Definitely worth the buy. Thank you for all your hard work! Question for dev: Are you planning an iOS version so I can reference it on the fly?

It works well for me

The interface is a bit busy, but it’s very adaptable; it allows entry of odd things I eat that aren’t necessarily in anyone’s database. There are plenty of bells and whistles if you want them, but if you don’t you can use as much or as little as you need to to keep on track. This is helping me lose weight and eat healthy. I haven’t needed anything from tech support, because it just works. Best $5 I ever spent on an app.

Good for the most part.

I use this program for it’s calorie breakdown features and exercise caluclation. It works wonders but I do not have a “diet” goal. I have a FITNESS goal. I would appreciate an option in the User preferences and goals section that doesn’t REQUIRE me to put a WEIGHT LOSS goal in mind. I would like to be able to use this solely to chart and track my intake and caloric output. My fitness goals are about burning excess fat and building lean muscle, there is no TARGET number and frankly, nobody should have a target number. That is an unhealthy and incredibly unrealistic idea that is consistently perpetuated in American culture. Please, create an option that opts out of a target weight goal.

Limited Selection of foods

The live strong app is the only one I've found which has the selection of foods I eat. Things I've found not in the data base that I feel should be - Greek yogurt, whey protein, and honey mustard salad dressing. I find it a waste of time to fill in every last thing I want to eat. I'm looking for something more handy and easy to use for a busy person. If you have time to enter in your food then go for with this program. Overall, I'm dissapointed with the selction of foods. Good side - easy interface

Works well for me

Easy to install and easy to start using. I would have given it 5 stars, but it seems like I have to enter some basic foods to the list. Adding foods isn't difficult, but it does slow down entering a meal. I have recommended this application to friends.

Not available on iPad

Great application. It is a little time consuming putting in nutrient information of specific foods one eats. The good news is, once the information is posted, it is there to stay and very easy to access. The program automatically does the math conversions for you and calcualtes the nutritional values accordingly. Was looking forward to documenting the food weights directly into the iPad. VERY Disappointed because it is not available on the iPad. It would be much easier with a mobile device at your fingertips. Currently, I am weighing my food, writing the information down and then loading it into my computer, that is, when I can get back to my computer.

retina display

Its good so far, only complain is it's display; it looks like a scanned paper font. I think a future update may be required to fix this.

So easy to use.

This app is alot like Fitday but I found it so much easier and faster to use. The ease of adding a custom recipe was amazing. Wonderful to have this right on my Mac! Thank you. :-)

Great App

I have this app on my computer in my kitchen. I love it. I have been able to create dishes and save to favorites. Love the copy and paste function. The reports are fabulous. As always nothing is perfect. For me I would love the app for my phone. So if and when that comes out it will be almost perfect.

Great, simple program

Have been using this program for about 2 weeks now and it's helped me to lose 10 pounds. Very easy to use. Love the way you can enter something once (like a food not on the database or an exercise that you've done) and it remembers all the details for later. Also love the metabolic rate/ calorie intake adjustment. One of the best apps I have purchased so far!

I wish I could get my money back.

I just bought this app based on the other reviews and it's horrible. Its too complicated. I've used several different types of calorie counters over the years and this one is the worst. I've been trying for over an hour to add my own foods to the database and I can't figure it out.

Diet Controller

I have been looking for a similar program to Fitday since they refuse to make a MAC version. This program fits my needs perfectly. It is easy to do and allows me to look at my data in a similar manner to fit day. It even has a journal which I like in a diet monitor. I am very pleased with this application.

DietController the logical choice!

After trying at least 3 diet programs I became convinced that this one is the best fit for me, It's a valuable aid on any kind of diet, Atkins, South Beach and even Weight Watchers; does not need a long learning curve is efective, and easy to use. Highly recommended.

Simple and Effective

I've been using Diet Controller for years now. It allows you to formulate a diet based on your goals and it facilitates easily recording your calorie intake and exercise. It's intuitive and gimmick free. I'm pleased to find it in the app store.

So far so good!

I just bought this today so there may be bugs or problems that I have not run into yet but so far this is an excellent app and worth the money! Very good database, lots of options and features, very user friendly.

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