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Good app, food database inaccurate

It’s great for tracking meals, I like the lay-out and find it easy to use. My one quibble is the food database. I’ve found some wildly inaccurate nutritional data in there. If something looks fishy, it probably is. It’s easy enough to create a new item with the correct nutritional information, so this isn’t a big problem. I’d recommend it for the price.

Where have you been all my life!

This app is FANTASTIC! really versatile and probably as useful for the beginner dieter as the hardened dieter that I am! After all those years of looking up calories in books and guessing how many calories Id burn not only does this app do all that for you - you no longer have to have all that in your head. It lets you plan your meals ahead of time. Lets you know if theres any calories left for a little treat. I think this is the software I have been waiting for all my life! You can pump in the ingredients of your favourite recipe, calculate how many calories per portion and even save it as a favourite. Best of all, for the seasoned dieter and people who like to keep track of exactly what youre eating the nutrients log lets you know what vitamins, minerals fats (saturated, polyunsaturated, monounsaturated) protein etc you consumed. There are graphs and pie charts agogo and the journals not bad either, oh yes and you can print reports. Its all here everything you need to control your eating and your lifestyle - all you have to do is keep pumping in the information. The database is very complete (although american) but you get to put your own foods in if you cant find it in the database, or even adapt an existing one - and you dont need an internet connection. Finally Ive got the tool I needed to help me control my eating!


I’ve been a user of DietController for many years, back when it was still a multiplatform, Java-based app. I’ve liked this app for its rather easy-to-grasp interface and the ease with which one could add or modify existing products, in my case in order to adapt the database to European products (the entire included database is based on American products, so very little use here). Now, I’ve noticed a very annoying problem: either the product is dead and development has stopped, or there is something dramatic in the pipes. Either way, my last two requests for support have been completely ignored by Margaret Dangerfield. To the point that I didn’t even receive an acknowlegement for my messages, contrary to what is stated at the website. Also the latest update here dates back from the beginning of 2013, so 2 whole years without an update… Okey, things happen and well, a dead product is a dead product. Yet, somebody’s still taking the money, so there is someone at the other end of this pipe. My real question though is: how future-proof is this soft at this point? I can testify that it works on the current public beta (ß6) of El Capitan, but it’s difficult to say if it will in the Golden Master, or in the next update. As a result, my advice is: stand clear of a product that might not work in a couple of months.

crappy product!!

very hard to use and doesnt tell you the calories on anything, You have to look them up yourself which is extreamly time cunsouming, Worst money ever spent! total regret

Needs improvement

I got this because it was the only calorie counter that I could find that also tracked exercise and had a journal as well. I agree with the other user that it is hard to use. Just about every food has to be entered manually- same with exercise. The journal entries are not indexed, so if you wanted to find an entry from, say a year ago but don’t know the exact date you would have to look at every month’s entry to find it. When you open the application it doesn’t go to the current date, it goes to the date you last opened the application and there is nothing in the preferences to change it.

Try the trial -I loved it.

Like it is with any aspect of your life, it is up to YOU to take control over the changes you want to make. Try the trial, and be honest with yourself about what youre eating. This program made it VERY easy to monitor all the things I have been consuming. I found out my poor eating habits, and that was half the battle. - You may have to input some nutritional information BUT the majority of foods are already in there for you / it SAVES food / the internet can help look up N.I. - Effective, fast-responding customer support (within 24 hours) - For ~5 bucks this program is a steal BOTTOM LINE: Youll probably spend more money in the form of your personal time looking for a better program.

So far so good!

I just bought this today so there may be bugs or problems that I have not run into yet but so far this is an excellent app and worth the money! Very good database, lots of options and features, very user friendly.

Simple and Effective

Ive been using Diet Controller for years now. It allows you to formulate a diet based on your goals and it facilitates easily recording your calorie intake and exercise. Its intuitive and gimmick free. Im pleased to find it in the app store.

DietController the logical choice!

After trying at least 3 diet programs I became convinced that this one is the best fit for me, Its a valuable aid on any kind of diet, Atkins, South Beach and even Weight Watchers; does not need a long learning curve is efective, and easy to use. Highly recommended.

Diet Controller

I have been looking for a similar program to Fitday since they refuse to make a MAC version. This program fits my needs perfectly. It is easy to do and allows me to look at my data in a similar manner to fit day. It even has a journal which I like in a diet monitor. I am very pleased with this application.

I wish I could get my money back.

I just bought this app based on the other reviews and its horrible. Its too complicated. Ive used several different types of calorie counters over the years and this one is the worst. Ive been trying for over an hour to add my own foods to the database and I cant figure it out.

Great, simple program

Have been using this program for about 2 weeks now and its helped me to lose 10 pounds. Very easy to use. Love the way you can enter something once (like a food not on the database or an exercise that youve done) and it remembers all the details for later. Also love the metabolic rate/ calorie intake adjustment. One of the best apps I have purchased so far!

Great App

I have this app on my computer in my kitchen. I love it. I have been able to create dishes and save to favorites. Love the copy and paste function. The reports are fabulous. As always nothing is perfect. For me I would love the app for my phone. So if and when that comes out it will be almost perfect.

So easy to use.

This app is alot like Fitday but I found it so much easier and faster to use. The ease of adding a custom recipe was amazing. Wonderful to have this right on my Mac! Thank you. :-)

retina display

Its good so far, only complain is its display; it looks like a scanned paper font. I think a future update may be required to fix this.

Not available on iPad

Great application. It is a little time consuming putting in nutrient information of specific foods one eats. The good news is, once the information is posted, it is there to stay and very easy to access. The program automatically does the math conversions for you and calcualtes the nutritional values accordingly. Was looking forward to documenting the food weights directly into the iPad. VERY Disappointed because it is not available on the iPad. It would be much easier with a mobile device at your fingertips. Currently, I am weighing my food, writing the information down and then loading it into my computer, that is, when I can get back to my computer.

Works well for me

Easy to install and easy to start using. I would have given it 5 stars, but it seems like I have to enter some basic foods to the list. Adding foods isnt difficult, but it does slow down entering a meal. I have recommended this application to friends.

Limited Selection of foods

The live strong app is the only one Ive found which has the selection of foods I eat. Things Ive found not in the data base that I feel should be - Greek yogurt, whey protein, and honey mustard salad dressing. I find it a waste of time to fill in every last thing I want to eat. Im looking for something more handy and easy to use for a busy person. If you have time to enter in your food then go for with this program. Overall, Im dissapointed with the selction of foods. Good side - easy interface

Good for the most part.

I use this program for it’s calorie breakdown features and exercise caluclation. It works wonders but I do not have a “diet” goal. I have a FITNESS goal. I would appreciate an option in the User preferences and goals section that doesn’t REQUIRE me to put a WEIGHT LOSS goal in mind. I would like to be able to use this solely to chart and track my intake and caloric output. My fitness goals are about burning excess fat and building lean muscle, there is no TARGET number and frankly, nobody should have a target number. That is an unhealthy and incredibly unrealistic idea that is consistently perpetuated in American culture. Please, create an option that opts out of a target weight goal.

It works well for me

The interface is a bit busy, but it’s very adaptable; it allows entry of odd things I eat that aren’t necessarily in anyone’s database. There are plenty of bells and whistles if you want them, but if you don’t you can use as much or as little as you need to to keep on track. This is helping me lose weight and eat healthy. I haven’t needed anything from tech support, because it just works. Best $5 I ever spent on an app.

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